This year’s theme: Family. Dear All, Last year we had 10 different children’s homes and centres in our Christmas Wishlist in our theme of community. This year, we decided to include 7 families and 3 homes. The families we have chosen are very special: 6 single-mother families and 1 non-Malaysian family with a special needs child. It has been our pleasure to get to know the hopeful, loving, and resilient individuals that feature in our list: mothers who have found remarkable strength within themselves to keep striving and working to raise their children alone; children who are mature beyond their years, who support their parents and siblings in this difficult period of life; a father who endured inconceivable violence and hardship, and whose family gave up everything to relocate and escape with their lives. In our list also are 3 homes that are now close to our hearts: a home for marginalized girls; a home for neglected and abused children; and a home that is a loving place of refuge for babies, all the way to the elderly.  Read about them in Meet The Recipients. Fulfilling their Christmas Wishlists will not turn their lives around. But it will make them feel loved and cared for, in a world that can sometimes feel so harsh and uncaring. As usual, 100% of every donation goes directly to the goods bought. We have used aliases for the families, to protect their privacy. Help us to put a smile on their faces this Christmas, won’t you? Love, The Charwiki Team